This action research project is federally funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and builds on the team’s prior research in Delta. CALP has worked in the Delta BC community and with other BC stakeholder groups for over 10 years on collaborative communication and planning projects on climate change and energy issues, using science-based visualizations with local stakeholders to promote awareness, discussion, and participation in developing possible climate change responses. The Future Delta 2.0 videogame aims to extend from the work of a prototype, developed earlier as a proof of concept for a small area of Delta BC – Future Delta 1.0.

See more of CALP’s prior research in Delta that laid the foundation for the Future Delta (1.0 & 2.0) project.

2013~Present |   Project Name: Future Delta 2.0 (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council)
Angel, J. Project Coordinator (
Dulic, A.  Co-Investigator (
Flanders, D. Consultant (
Fritter, M. Programmer (
Jeri, P. Lead Programmer (
Kavanagh, E. Web Designer and modeler (
LaValle, A. Project Manager (
Little, A. Writer (
Mathew Iype, D., Outreach Lead (
Phillips, T. Game Designer (
Schroth, O. Project Collaborator (
Sheppard, S. Primary Investigator (
Sinkewicz, N. Game Designer (
Toms, C. Sounds Lead (
Valdavia, S. Programmer (
Vattanawong, O. Game Designer (
Wang, C. Writer (
Wardle, E. 3D Modeler/Programmer (

2010~2012  |   Project Name: RAC(Regional Adaptation Collaboratives)

Barron, S. Researcher (
Canete, G. Research Assistant (
Carmichael, J. Researcher (
Flanders, D. Research Scientist (
Pond, E. Research Scientist (
Sheppard, S. Primary Investigator (
Tatebe, K. Research Scientist (

2008~2011  |   Project Name: Future Delta (GEOmatics for Informed DEcision-making)

Dulic, A. Primary Investigator (
Flanders, D. Collaborator (
Hamel, K. Co-applicant (
Schroth, O. Project Collaborator (
Sheppard, S. Collaborator (

2006~2007  |  Project Name: GEOIDE SII (GEOmatics for Informed DEcision-making)

Burch, S.  Researcher (
Cohen, C.  Deputy P.I. (
Flanders, D.  Researcher (
Shaw, A.  Researcher (
Schroth, O. Project Collaborator (
Sheppard, S.  Primary Investigator (