Future Delta 2.0 (FD2)

The year is 2100 and you live in a dystopic future where the City of Delta has failed to address climate change adequately – it has been affected by sea-level rise, storm surges, heat waves, & fires, and communities are facing food shortages, high-prices, increased traffic and pollution. Travel back in time to present day and see if you have what it takes to change the future…for better or for worse. Pictures from events.


Developed by the Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP) working with Centre for Culture and Technology, educators, students and other community partners.

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Gaming Industry:

“Some of the projects we have worked on in the past have been historical tours, in which we show history where it happened. This project with UBC will be the first to offer a glimpse into the future, and will provide a very compelling time travel experience of the forecasted effects of climate change.”

– Tammy Meyers, Chief Operating Officer


The partnership has allowed students to tackle issues in ways that would not otherwise be available to them in your typical high school courses. From a teaching and learning perspective we’re really excited about it. It engages kids in sustainability and environmental issues.”

– Neil Stephenson, Director of Learning Services
Delta School District


“Recognizing that …. the Paris Agreement will require global emissions to approach zero by the second half of the century …. Canadians should be mobilized in order to face this challenge… The public, including youth, will be engaged using online tools in particular to solicit input and to increase climate change awareness and literacy.”

– Vancouver Declaration on Clean Growth & Climate Change, Canada’s First Ministers, March 3rd 2016